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Braida  single piece of hair made by twisting three thinner pieces over and under each other

Spoil to stop something from being enjoyable or successful

Pounding to hit something many times using a lot of force

Twisted bükmek, k1v1rmak

Bend to move your body or part of your body so that it is not straight

Various many different

Astonishment extreme surprise

Grossly extremely

Intimate özel

Glove a piece of clothing which covers your fingers and hand

Lurch to suddenly move in a way that is not controlled

Distraught extremely upset and unhappy

Haggard Someone who is haggard has a thin face with dark marks around their eyes because they are ill or tired.

Grumble to complain about something in a quiet but angry way

Tertiary Tertiary education is education at university or college level.

Intern a young doctor who works in a hospital to finish their medical education

Delicately narin zarif

Glisten If something glistens, it shines, often because it is wet

Faulty not working correctly

Craven korkak, ödlek

Lane dar sokak, yol _erit

Ignition a part of a car that starts the engine

Vault to jump over something by first putting your hands on it

Cocky confident in an annoying way

Axle a long metal bar which connects two wheels on a vehicle

Wreck to destroy something completely

Sling atmak f1rlatmak

Slush snow that has started to melt

Buzz a feeling of excitement, energy, or pleasure

Crack shot

Bedlam unnoisy place

Strike to hit

Attorney a lawyer

Pandemonium when there is a lot of noise and confusion because people are angry or excited       about something that has happened

Misty If the weather is misty, there is a cloud of small drops of water in the air, which makes it difficult to see objects which are not near.

Clerk OFFICE someone who works in an office or bank, keeping records and doing general office work

Sink batmak

Sergeant an officer of low rank in the police

             a soldier of middle rank in the army or air force

Tousled kar1_m1_,arapsaç1na dönmü_

Handle o deal with something

Ammunition GUN a supply of bullets and bombs to be fired from guns

Dump o put something somewhere to get rid of it, especially in a place where you should not  put it

Brandy a strong alcoholic drink made from wine


Splinter k1ym1k,k1sa uzun parçalara ay1rmak

Fleet 1 SHIPS a group of ships, or all of the ships in a country's navy

           VEHICLES a group of vehicles that are owned and controlled by one person or organization

  Strap a narrow piece of material used to fasten two things together or to carry something

Toss o throw something somewhere carelessly

Humming to make a continuous, low sound

Occur formal to happen, often without being planned

Revolve to move in a circle around a central point

Faint slight and not easy to notice, smell, hear, etc

Derisive  derision when you talk about someone or something as if they are ridiculous and do not deserve respect

Squad             bomb/drug/fraud, etc squad a group of police officers who have special skills to deal with particular problems

                        death/firing/hit, etc squad a group of people who are trained to kill, usually with guns

Erect straight and standing up

          to build or put up a structure

Snapp k1r1lmak

Disdainful when you dislike someone or something and think that they do not deserve any respect

Inscrutable anla_maz, gizemli

  Hiss to speak in an angry or urgent way

Interior The inside part of something

Slice a flat piece of food that has been cut from a larger piece

Insurance an agreement in which you pay a company money and they pay your costs if you have an accident, injury, etc

Glid to move somewhere smoothly and quietly

Slam to close with great force, or to make something close with great force


Chim if a bell or clock chimes, it rings.

Reveal TELL to give someone a piece of information that is surprising or that was previously secret

Shrivel If something shrivels, it becomes smaller, dryer, and covered in lines, often because it is old.


Whirl to move or make something move quickly round and round

Digaste to appear from somewhere or come out of somewhere


Twinkle LIGHT If light twinkles, it shines and seems to be quickly flashing on and off.


Warren a group of connected underground holes where rabbits live

Thudded the sound that is made when something heavy falls or hits something else

Knead to press and shape the mixture for making bread firmly and repeatedly with your hands

Pop to make a short sound like a small explosion, or to make something do this by breaking it

Rubble pieces of broken bricks from a building that has been destroyed

Sprinkle to gently drop small pieces of something over a surface


Entire whole or complete

Mow to cut grass using a machine

Lawn an area of grass that is cut

Charcoal a hard, black substance that is produced by burning wood without much air, and that is used as fuel or for drawing



Sparrow a small, brown bird which is common in towns and cities

Altar a table used for religious ceremonies, especially in a Christian church



Fragment a small piece of something


Whir a low, continuous sound

Burrow When an animal burrows, it digs a hole or passage in the ground to live in.

Sniff to breathe air in through your nose in a way that makes a noise

Froth small, white bubbles such as on the surface of a liquid

Regiment a large group of soldiers

Chimney a wide pipe that allows smoke from a fire to go out through the roof


Flutter ] to move quickly and gently up and down or from side to side in the air, or to make something move in this way

Cavort to jump, dance, or move about in an excited way


Roach a cockroach (= large insect that sometimes breeds in houses)

Hoof the hard part on the foot of a horse and some other large animals

Parch to be very thirsty

            very dry

Manipulate to control someone or something in a clever way so that they do what you want them to do

Blaze to burn or shine very brightly or strongly

Shimmer to shine gently and seem to be moving slightly


Whim when you suddenly want to do something without having a reason

Utterly completely

Solvent liquid which is used to dissolve other substances

Ablaze burning strongly

Spread to arrange something so that it covers a large area

Flame  hot, bright, burning gas produced by something on fire

Scurry to walk quickly or run because you are in a hurry

Shrug to move your shoulders up and down to show that you do not care about something or that you do not know something

Quench to drink liquid so that you stop being thirsty

Delicacie a special food, usually something rare or expensive

Tender kind and gentle

Reinforcement when you reinforce something

Venom poison that some snakes and insects produce

Horrid very unpleasant or unkind

Fiery showing strong emotion, especially anger

Heap an untidy pile of things